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I believe there’s not a moment more magical than when you become a parent.

And I believe it’s an honor to capture your most special newborn for your forever enjoyment.

Newborns are such amazing little people. But the time to capture them is short!


When is it best to have a photo shoot for a newborn?

  • It's best to schedule the first newborn photo shoot between day 4 to 14 after birth.

  • By the 4th day usually comes already enough mother's milk, the baby did not feel hunger, and severe swelling disappears.

  • During the first 14 days, babies sleep often and soundly, which allows you to put them into different poses almost without waking them up.

  • Book in advance to assure your spot on the schedule and so you don’t miss out on capturing those first 14 days of life! Once the baby is born, I can adjust the exact time and day.

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